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MOTHER MOTHER: No Culture (CD) Regular Edition
Release date: February 10, 2017.
Vancouver pop-rockers Mother Mother are set to return with a new album early next year. The band will release No Culture on February 10 through Universal Music Canada.

The upcoming album follows up 2014's Very Good Bad Thing, and it hears the band wrestling with society's tendency to use "byproducts of culture" like narcissism, hedonism and addiction to justify and fuel fear of the unknown.

"If we can strip back the culture, or the masks, attitudes, and stories that feed our differences, and just connect as people we might be more united at a time where we really need to be," frontman Ryan Guldemond explained in a statement.

He also readily admits that he falls victim to the aforementioned cultural traps, as demonstrated on the confessional track "Baby Boy," which hears him revealing his own penchant for "self-destruction, deceit and diehard adolescence," accompanied by his sister and bandmate Molly Guldemond's coo of "Baby boy, baby brother, we're losing you to the gutter." They team up and explore the complicated realities of kinship once again on "Family," too.

The first single, though, arrives as "The Drugs" — it's a song sung to a partner deemed "the ultimate high and antidepressant." You can check out the digital streaming and downloading options for "The Drugs" here. At the bottom of the page, you can also check out the premiere of a brand new behind-the-scenes clip for "The Drugs," along with the final video itself.

The new record was co-produced by Guldemond, Brian Howes and Jason "JVP" Van Poederooyen.

Regular CD Tracklisting:
1. Free
2. Love Stuck
3. The Drugs
4. Back In School
5. Letter
6. Baby Boy
7. Mouth of the Devil
8. No Culture
9. Everything is Happening
10. Family

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