Wicked Audio Brawl Noise Isolation Earbuds – Blackbelt

Wicked Audio Brawl Noise Isolation Earbuds – Blackbelt

Let’s be real here. what we all want in our headphones is conformity-defying style and the type of unapologetic confidence that would even make even your girlfriend’s dad like you. Well the truth is you can only get that with Wicked Audio. But only if you want unmatched sound quality wrapped up in all that gritty sophistication. Look, don’t be satisfied with so-so. Expect more from your headphones.

Wicked Audio Brawl Earbuds provides better sound and comfort fit with it’s 3 cushion sizes. Plug in and Rock out undisturbed with noise isolation headphones. The 45 degree angle protects your plug from falling out from the slightest tug, we all hate that. The angle locks it in while still keeping a low profile. The Street line without mic is made for the crazy kids, troublemakers, and the people who stand out in a crowd. Feed your wild side with original artwork and loud packaging.

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  • Smart 45 degree inclined jack prevents cord from ripping out
  • Better sound and comfort fit with 3 cushion sizes
  • Noise Isolating to help you focus on what’s important, your tunes
  • Compatible with devices having 3.5mm audio jack

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