Debbie and Noah get engaged, and unexpectedly, Debbie’s new song with her students has thrown her back on track with her singing career. Debbie has started booking dates to perform on the weekends, and the concert requests continue to grow. This can put her back in the big leagues if she can dedicate herself to it. How can she say no? But as Noah tries to line up wedding preparations, Debbie continues to be absent—having to travel and perform. Things get even more complicated when Noah’s ex shows up, wanting to give his first marriage another shot. With Debbie always away, Noah begins to wonder if she’s the woman he should be with. With the help of her sister, extended family, and her students, Debbie figures out what’s most important in life, giving way to the wedding she has always wanted.

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Actors: Debbie Gibson, Robert Gant, Pascale Hutton
Directors: Pat Williams
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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