In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary, Sony Music Canada is releasing a vinyl edition of Prozzäk’s debut album Hot Show. The hit single “Sucks to Be You” helped to catapult the original release to Triple Platinum status at a time when Y2K gloom and trepidation was prevalent.

Formed as a side project of Philosopher Kings members Jay Levine and James Bryan McCollum, Prozzäk’s music and videos tell the tale of Simon (Jay) and Milo (James) in search of true love.

In September 2018, Prozzäk embark on a nine-date tour stopping in Toronto, Abbotsford, Grand Prairie, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Moncton and Laval as part of the Rewind Tour that also features Aqua and Whigfield.

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Side A
1. Intro
2. Europa
3. Strange Disease
4. Omobolasire
5. Shag Tag (you’re it!)
6. Hot Show
7. Mediterranean Lady

Side B
1. Wild Thing/Poor Boy (medley)
2. Sucks To Be You
3. New York
4. I Like To Watch (Milo’s Night Out)
5. Tsunami
6. Sleep With Myself
7. Anna-Lisa
8. Simon’s Final Thought

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