Toilet humor is overflowing, and poop is the new cool. While many strive to be No. 1, this latest trend is perfectly okay with being No. 2.

Poopeez, from Basic Fun, is a new web series and toy line that takes off with this trend like a fart in the wind. Beyond silly, Poopeez invites kids ages 4 and up to follow the adventures of six toilet-themed characters as they live their lives in Kerplopolis, a bustling city conveniently located where all sewage ends up after a good flush.

To enjoy the web series, kids can subscribe to Poopeez on YouTube, where new installments plop drop every Tuesday. They’re as ridiculous as you might expect, and full of toilet puns that are sure to hit kids’ funny bones.

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Collect your favorite Poopeez characters in the form of Series 1 Capsules that look like rolls of toilet paper. You can “unroll” each one to discover your hidden Poopeez character, and then “unroll” it again to find a second character and a collector’s guide…. a fairly appropriate way to unveil your mystery characters.

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