D. C. Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) is cleared of all the charges he incurred in connection with the Blenheim Vale case, but it leaves him disillusioned about his future as a police officer despite encouragement from his mentor D. I. Fred Thursday (Roger Allam). His disillusionment becomes deeper when Monica Hicks (Shvorne Marks) acts on her plans for her own future. A dire case involving tainted fruit at the local supermarket forces D. S. Peter Jakes (Jack Laskey) to retire, and he is replaced by Woman Police Constable Shirley Trewlove (Dakota Blue Richards). Morse comes to a more definitive decision about his future at the Force when he gets trapped in a bank hostage situation with Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers). Rounding up the cast of “Endeavour” Season 3 are Anton Lesser as C. S. Reginald Bright, Sean Rigby as P. C. Jim Strange, and James Bradshaw as Dr. Max DeBryn.

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Actors: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam
Number of discs: 2
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Run Time: 360 minutes

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