After being released from Prison, Jesse Page (Mark Dacascos, John Wick 3: Parabellum) backs his old friend Larry (Jaimz Woovett, Unforgiven) on a drug deal gone sour. With the drug dealers hot on his tail, Jesse has three days to reach Detroit where a new, clean, legitimate life awaits him. Along the way, his ties to his junkie, criminal past are put to the test… What is true friendship made of? How far should loyalty go? These are questions Jesse must answer on the road to his new life in this gritty action thriller.

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Actors: Mark Dacascos, Emily Lloyd, Michael Pena, Tracy Lords, Linnea Quigley
Directors: Craig Hamann
Producers: Braddon Mendelson, Todd King
Number of discs: 2
Canadian Home Video Rating : Ages 14 and over
Studio: MVD Rewind Collection
Run Time: 104 minutes

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