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The follow-up to Audioslave’s self-titled 2002 debut features the single “Be Yourself. Recorded with producer Rick Rubin, who also helmed their debut CD. Among the other songs slated for inclusion are: “Doesn’t Remind Me”, “Out of Exile”, “The Curse”, “#1 Zero” and “Your Time Has Come”. Interscope. 2005.
Audioslave’s first album was recorded before the band members ever played a single show together. Its follow-up was made after a year-and-a-half on the road. The difference is clear from the outset. Where the debut merely sounded like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden singing over the three members of Rage Against The Machine who weren’t Zach de la Rocha, Out of Exile feels like the real thing. Even as the ’90s rock super-group stomps through familiar terrain –arena-rock crunch on “Your Time Has Come”, quiet-loud fury with “Doesn’t Remind Me” and gut-shifting Zeppeling blues in “Number One Zero”–it sounds infinitely more relaxed and confident than the last time around. –Aidin Vaziri >

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1 Your Time Has Come 4:15
2 Out Of Exile 4:51
3 Be Yourself 4:39
4 Doesn’t Remind Me 4:15
5 Drown Me Slowly 3:53
6 Heaven’s Dead 4:36
7 The Worm 3:57
8 Man Or Animal 3:53
9 Yesterday To Tomorrow 4:33
10 Dandelion 4:38
11 #1 Zero 4:59
12 The Curse 5:09

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