Audioengine A2+ Mini Powered Speakers – Black

Audioengine A2+ Mini Powered Speakers – Black

The best-selling Audioengine 2+ sets the standard for mini music systems. Everyone knows the difference between custom-built, small batch products and the disappointment of mass-produced, plastic, over-marketed products. The A2+ was designed and hand-built by the Audioengine team with the goal of exceeding expectations of both value and performance and can fit anywhere in your house or office.

All Audioengine powered speakers feature classic A/B analog amplifiers that are incredibly warm sounding and the type of amplifier prefered by audiophiles. Most consumer speakers use cheaper digital amps but Audioengine uses the best components possible to create the award-winning “Audioengine signature sound”. Both amps are built into the left speaker, while the right speaker is passive and all cables are included. No software, apps, or plug-ins to install so the A2+ takes minutes to set up. With a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the Audioengine 2+ allows you to send high-quality digital audio direct from your computer’s USB port or you can use the RCA or mini-jack analog inputs to connect to other components such as a turntable. For more low end, the variable RCA output connects to any subwoofer, like the Audioengine S8.

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  • Excellent sound with elegant simplicity for computer audio.
  • Versatile connections, including USB digital audio and subwoofer output
  • Designed for your desktop but also sounds great across the room
  • Integrated USB DAC delivers Hi-Fi sound straight from computer.
  • Hand-finished wood cabinets.
  • Cables included

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