Anomia X

Anomia X

ANOMIA X is fast-paced, brain-bending and irreverent. ANOMIA X promises hours of laugh-till-you-cry hilarity for you and your twisted friends. This is definitely the ADULT version.

Anomia is the great game of quick-switch thinking. Players find this skill is not so easy as it may appear. This quick reversal is what makes Anomia X such a hilarious game to play. One may not have a difficult time naming a “Hangover Cure” or “Rude Gesture” or “Lingerie” …… but try attempting “category naming” when your mind is focused on looking for matching symbols between playing cards that are constantly being flipped to the up position. It is a tricky skill.

Anomia Party has 4 color coded decks. Each deck has 72 unique category cards, 7 wild cards and 2 customizable blank cards. Over 288 unique category cards make every new game totally different. Use decks separately or combine. Anomia X is perfect for ages 18 to 105 years. Play with 3 to 6 players. Game will not work with prudes, up-tight folks, and goody-two-shoe types.



  • Anomia X is the game of quick mental identification followed by “about-face” responses.
  • Perfect Party Game for 3 to 6 players ages 18 to 105 years.
  • A fast moving and hilarious game that will test the agility of your brain.
  • Anomia X brings out the sick, out-of-place, perverse, inappropriate, and degenerate responses. All in good wholesome fun!
  • Includes 4 color coded Anomia Decks. Each deck has 81 cards. Total of 320+ playing cards

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