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Jackson,Alan ~ Vol. 2-Greatest Hits
You don’t have to get very far into Alan Jackson’s splendid second anthology of hits before you’re struck by how well the rangy Georgian has built his catalogue and how beautifully Keith Stegall continually produces his songs, filling the instrumental breaks with unexpectedly creative solos. While Jackson’s choice of cover songs is usually inspired (“Pop-A-Top,” “Little Bitty”), he’s a deft writer, alternating his tongue-in-cheek, Sheriff Andy Taylor persona with his “just a singer of simple songs” earnestness, lacing it all with an unfettered delivery and a Haggardesque dedication to the bedrock honky-tonk sound. There are times when he edges too close to formula, running the romanticized, small-town, cornbread-and-chicken conceits (“Where I Come From”) into the ground. But then he quickly redeems himself with a lip-tremblingly good “Drive” or “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning).” This package consists of two discs, 16 hits and two new cuts filling the first and an unnecessary and somewhat inferior eight album tracks occupying the second. Of the two new songs, the emotional husband-and-wife ballad “Remember When” handily outdistances the too-trite “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” with perennial smart-ass Jimmy Buffett. Jackson’s too good an artist to settle for such an easy reach, but hey, let’s cut him a little slack. He’s paid his dues. –Alanna Nash

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1 Little Bitty 2:39
2 Everything I Love 3:07
3 Who’s Cheatin’ Who 4:02
4 There Goes 3:56
5 I’ll Go On Loving You 3:58
6 Right On The Money 3:50
7 Gone Crazy 3:47
8 Little Man 4:28
9 Pop A Top 3:05
10 Blues Man 7:03
11 It Must Be Love 2:52
12 Www.Memory 2:35
13 When Somebody Love You 3:28
14 Where I Come From 4:00
15 Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) 5:05
16 Drive (For Daddy Gene) 4:02
17 It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere 3:52
18 Remember When 4:32

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