Slick, groove-based hip-hop from Tupac Shakur, his half-brother MoPreme, and a handpicked posse that includes Syke, Macadoshis, and the Rated R, along with guest appearances from Nate Dogg and Y.N.V. The huge “Thug Life” tattoo on Tupac’s chest shows exactly how committed Shakur was to this long-term project. The first batch of songs Thug Life submitted to Interscope Records was allegedly rejected as being too hardcore for release; the material that was ultimately approved for release as Vol. 1 is very accessible musically and foreshadows the “morbid party” approach Shakur later perfected on All Eyez on Me. “Pour Out a Little Liquor” and “Bury Me a G” are classic 2Pac tracks, and this project shows a remarkable consistency of quality, no matter who’s got control of the mic. –Greg Turkington

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1 Bury Me A G
2 Don’t Get It Twisted
3 Shit Don’t Stop
4 Pour Out A Little Liquor
5 Stay True
6 How Long Will They Mourn Me?
7 Under Pressure
8 Street Fame
9 Cradle To The Grave
10 Str8 Ballin’

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