Ford’s Faves: The Decemberists, Yo La Tengo, Hayden, and Hot Snakes

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Ford’s Faves: The Decemberists, Yo La Tengo, Hayden, and Hot Snakes

Ford's Faves

Every Friday, in-house music aficionado and buyer Tim Ford graces us with his musings on the best releases of the week. Can’t get enough? He’s also somehow still allowed to run our Instagram — check it.

Faves for Mar 16, 2018:


The Decemberists

I’ll Be Your Girl

There’s a big part me that wishes The Decemberists would just put out their old, folky, smarty-pant kind of album.  The one with big words that makes me second guess my educational system…

But I actually like when they stray off.

This, by all accounts is their “new order” record, which could be a train wreck on top of a car wreck, but it’s still going to be better than 98% of the music out there.

Yo La Tengo

There’s a Riot Going On

I’m not expecting anything new here.

I don’t WANT anything new.

I want my YLT to sound exactly the way I know them to.

They’re subtle.  Understated.  It’s pretty ironic they named their new album after a Sly and the Family Stone album, because I can’t think of a more opposite band.

And I think they knew that.  Which makes it hilarious.



Moving Careful (20th Anniversary)

Hayden was my first real music obsession.

I became amazing at sneaking into bars because I wasn’t old enough to see him.  Almost literally wearing fake mustaches and top hats (like… almost literally).

This reissue of the “holy crap, he’s becoming famous, let’s put something out quick to capitalize!” EP holds up pretty well.

It’s sad, elementary and still as beautiful as I remember it.

Hot Snakes

Jericho Sirens

Drive Like Jehu.  Rocket from the Crypt.  Obits.  Night Marchers.  Every great hardcore band from California has been in this band.

Their music will make you walk like the beginning of a Tarantino film.

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