Ford’s Faves: Phantastic Ferniture, Bob Dylan

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Ford’s Faves: Phantastic Ferniture, Bob Dylan

Ford's Faves

Every Friday, in-house music aficionado and buyer Tim Ford graces us with his musings on the best releases of the week. Can’t get enough? He’s also somehow still allowed to run our Instagram — check it.

Faves for July 27, 2018:


Phantastic Ferniture

Phantastic Ferniture

This is one that I’ve been waiting for.

One of my favourite releases in the last while is a folk singer from Australia, Julia Jacklin and her album Don’t Let The Kids Win.

Now she has a full on band and it is AMAZING.

It’s a bit like Courtney Barnett, but a little more… everything.

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Bob Dylan

Live Rare Performances from 1962-1966

I’ve given Bob Dylan too much of my money over the years.

But I’m a sucker for these live albums even though I’ve heard these songs a million times.

But I’m sure he’s going to cough three minutes into Boots of Spanish Leather and I’m going to lose my mind.


BOB DYLAN: LIVE 1962-1966

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