Ford’s Faves: Paul McCartney

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Ford’s Faves: Paul McCartney

Ford's Faves

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Faves for September 7, 2018:

Paul McCartney

Egypt Station

In my very humble (and very correct) opinion, of all The Beatles, McCartney’s solo career is the best.  I think people are realizing Lennon wasn’t as great as the martyr we made him out to be, Ringo is cute and fine, but nothing to sink your teeth into, and hipsters HAVE to say Harrison because he was the most out there and bearded.

All of them should be proud of their solo careers but our boy Paul has been the most consistent, surprising, risky, maybe at times cheesy… but who doesn’t like a little cheese on their pasta?

At 76 he still sounds fresh.  This isn’t a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ situation.

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