Ford’s Faves: Chastity, Young MC

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Ford’s Faves: Chastity, Young MC

Ford's Faves

Every Friday, in-house music aficionado and buyer Tim Ford graces us with his musings on the best releases of the week. Can’t get enough? He’s also somehow still allowed to run our Instagram — check it.

Faves for July 20, 2018:



Death Lust

I’m a glutton for 90’s alt-rock throwback.

Especially anything that remotely sounds like Smashing Pumpkins.

This takes the heaviest Pumpkins songs with a bit of My Bloody Valentine and the parts in Deftones I didn’t hate with a passion.

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Young MC

Stone Cold Rhymin’

This is not an “I like him in an effort to be the guy who likes ironic stuff” pick, I legitimately believe Young MC is one of the best early 90’s boom bap rappers.

It’s light and non-confrontational.  Not the least bit hardcore or thought provoking.

But sometimes you just need to bust a move.


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