Ford’s Faves: Best of 2018, Part 1

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Ford’s Faves: Best of 2018, Part 1

Ford's Faves

In no particular order, in-house music aficionado and buyer Tim Ford graces us with his musings on the best releases of the year. Can’t get enough? He’s also somehow still allowed to run our Instagram — check it.

Faves for 2018, Part 1


Arctic Monkey

Traquility Base Hotel + Casino

Taking not just a page, but an entire book out of the Nick Cave catalog, Arctic Monkeys have managed to reinvent themselves yet again by writing a noir-esque darkly comedic album.

Jo Passed

Their Prime

A band as noisy as JO PASSED and also SO poppy is an anomaly, but this Vancouver quartet pulls it off in spades

Father John Misty

God’s Favorite Customer

Sometimes a little TOO intelligent for his own good (it borders on condescending) this album finds J Tillman sounding vulnerable for the first time.



One would be forgiven for only knowing this band because Mike from Stranger Things is in it, but these 14 year kids take the sounds of Mac Demarco, Flaming Lips and other key indie staples and do a pretty damn good job mimicking their heroes.

Cat Power


Six years after her last album, Chan Marshall wandered out of the wilderness with a new sense of purpose and confidence.

Featuring Lana Del Rey, this album proves how powerful vulnerability can be.



Now in their 40’s, Tim Kasher and gang still have the angst of people half their age.

Dissident and full of anger, this album proves you don’t always outgrow your rage.

Ancient Shapes

Silent Rave

Both PUNK-rock and punk-ROCK, Daniel Romano has made a masterpiece in 19 minutes.

The Kinks

The Village Green Preservation Society (50th Anniversary)

This album essentially invented Brit-Pop and is now considered one of the greatest British albums ever made.

This expanded release shows how prolific Ray Davies was.

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