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Crosley and Audio Technica Turntables at Sunrise

CROSLEY EXECUTIVE TURNTABLES Make a power play with the Executive's jet-setting portability in a three-speed turntable. A USB connection makes this tech-savvy fast talker ready to take music from vinyls to digital files in a New York Minute. • Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism • Diamond Stylus Needle • Fully Automatic Return Tone Arm • Plays…
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#FordPickFriday – Sonic Youth “Washing Machine”

Today is our first #fordpickfriday! Every Friday we'll have a review of our music buyer's favourite records from the past, present and near future, so make sure to catch it weekly! Today's pick is Sonic Youth - Washing Machine. Although I would recommend all the Sonic Youth reissues, I chose 1995's Washing Machine as my…
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