Finally… a little “you” time. Pull out that silky robe. Crack open a great book. Light a few candles to set the mood for the pièce de ré·sis·tance: a truly luxurious soak.

Cap it all off with a silky pinot noir… spilled right in the bathwater. By the time you’ve stepped out, toweled off, poured another, and settled back in, the water’s cold, and your evening of relaxation just became another night of missed opportunity and bad luck.

Developed by leading scientists and researchers the world over, the “magic” silicone stick of the revolutionary Sipski ensures you’ll always treat yo’self right the first time.

As with most innovative technologies, there are a few rules to make your Sipksi work best [directions included with packaging]:
-It won’t stick to just any surface. Glass, mirrors, marble, metal, shiny tiles, and laminates work great. We highly suggest a vertical surface, since at least half of your drink will spill if you use a horizontal one. That’s physics for you [thanks for nothing, Isaac Newton. Men, am I right?].
-Once you’ve chosen your surface from the Sipski-approved list, make sure the area you want the Sipski to stick to is dry, clean, and flat. Perfect for the tile surrounding your tub; terrible for the toilet next to your tub.
-Wait 24 hours before use to give adhesive a chance to fully stick. So, plan ahead a bit: think of it like renovating your bathroom, but with a way better ROI.

When you return, you’ll finally be able to bathe like the god/dess you truly are.

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