Ivana Trump’s For Love Alone

Ivana Trump’s For Love Alone

Based on the New York Times’ Bestseller

A saga so rich it could only be fantasy.

Donald Trump and his wife Ivana attained celebrity status usually reserved for monarchy during their heyday in the New York City of the early 80s. Their fabled marriage and even more sensational divorce sizzled across the media the world over. From Ivana Trump’s own writings, viewers will now relive the story of a young Czechoslovakian beauty and skiing prodigy who rose from humble origins in communist Eastern Europe to reign as queen of the international jet set. You will also experience the glamour and extravagance of her marriage to American business tycoon “Adam Graham” and her bitter subsequent divorce. The story of “Katrinka” as told by Ivana Trump is a saga so rich it could only be fantasy.

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