From the punishing endurance test at Le Mans to the simple freedom of the open road, the battle of sleek, stunning vehicles never ends. Includes a look back at Le Mans and the GT40 plus the history of Ferrari and Cobra. Great Cars offers an in-depth look at the world’s fastest, most expensive, most exciting and most unusual automobiles, along with the people who loved and created them. Featuring footage from the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, which saw the Ford GT40 testing its mettle against the best that the world’s high-performance automobile manufacturers had to offer … and to settle the rivalry between two titans of vehicular craftsmanship — Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari. With additional content highlighting the untamed history of the road’s most beautiful beasts, Great Cars: Ford & Ferrari is a high-octane tour of power, luxury, and speed.

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Actors: Various
Directors: Michael Rose
Producers: Various
Number of discs: 1
Canadian Home Video Rating : N/A
Studio: Shout! Factory
Run Time: 80 minutes

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