Ford’s Faves: Snail Mail, Lykke Li, Display of Decay

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Ford’s Faves: Snail Mail, Lykke Li, Display of Decay

Ford's Faves

Every Friday, in-house music aficionado and buyer Tim Ford graces us with his musings on the best releases of the week. Can’t get enough? He’s also somehow still allowed to run our Instagram — check it.

Faves for June 9, 2018:

Snail Mail



I think we can all concede that women have taken over indie rock.

And it’s about time.

Courtney Barnett, Hop Along, Speedy Ortiz, Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker, Waxahatchee, Frankie Cosmos, Big Theif, Angel Olsen.

Soon we’ll stop saying “best girl in rock” and just say “best in rock”. The sausage party we’ve called the music business will never be the same.

Lykke Li

So Sad So Sexy

It takes a lot for me to like “pop” music these days.

I’m too jaded, too pretentious.  Why listen to Gaga if I can just listen to those early Madonna records?

Why listen to Bruno Mars if I can just listen to Earth Wind and Fire? With the exception of my girl Dua Lipa, I think pop has gotten a little meh.

But people like Lykke Li and Florence and the Machine take pop, rock, R&B and mish mash it together to make this emotional kaboom.

And this album is going to be dynamite.

Display of Decay

Art in Mutilation

Ladies and gentlemen, we have under our Sunrise umbrella one of the most brutal, unrelenting metal bands I’ve heard in a very long time.

Our very own Manager, Jessy from the Londonderry store, has released an album that will make slayer look like Raffi.  This band is nutso.

Get your face melted here:

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